Tree Care & Your Homes Foundation

Let’s talk about foundations.  We mean the kind of foundation that your home is built on.  Often times the foundations of homes get overlooked simply because they are the base of the home and most people tend to look at the roofing, siding, exterior etc. The foundation however is perhaps one of if not the most significant part of your home.  Why? Without a strong and safe foundation your home can aquire not only a lot of damage but can also be very unsafe for its occupants! While some impurities such as a bit of shifting or cracks found in your homes foundation can be attributed to the normal settling of the house & natural shifts in the Earth, others can be caused by the trees surrounding your home!  While most homeowners don’t tend to think too much about the trees on their property other than for shade & landscaping sake, your trees can be the very cause of your homes damaged foundation!

Tempe Tree Care, a tree service based in Tempe, Arizona, gave us a little insight on the damage that trees can actually do to your home, the precautionary measures to take to help ensure your home does not incur any tree related foundation damage, and the importance of working with experienced, certified arborist. Ryan, one of Tempe Tree Cares, certified arborist explained to us how a tree can look beautiful & healthy to the normal eye but can in fact be spreading its roots underground at blinding speed causing a whole lot of destruction.  As trees mature they begin to need more water and nutrients. The roots of the tree in turn seek this water and nutrients by spreading throughout the sil in search of them. If there is a cement sidewalk in the way the tree does not care.  Its roots especially when bigger roots are in need of food and water will push through ANYTHING that is in their way if possible to obtain those nutrients. This includes your homes foundation. Once roots of a tree begin to spread and grow they become a powerhouse of strength.  In turn when more roots search out water and nutrients in the soil they move together and are powerful enough to damage foundation, cement and whatever might be in their way. 

Telltale Signs You May Have Foundation Damage To Your Home?

  • Misaligned Doors & Windows-  This can indicate that you may have a potential shift in your homes foundation
  • Windows have cracks in them and are difficult to open
  • Water can be found in the basement or in crawl spaces and around the perimeter of your home
  • Sloping Floors or staircases can mean a pitch problem
  • Doors that tend to stick or don’t latch shut
  • Large cracks found in your homes exterior concrete
  • Cracked drywall seams or gaps in between walls and ceilings

Should you find any of these common signs of foundation damage it is best to call a skilled, professional contractor to assess if and what kind of damage there is.  If you do not have any signs of foundation damage but you do have trees on your property it is recommended using a tree service company to help maintain your trees and keep them healthy.

Certified arborists are experienced and skilled at helping to keep trees healthy and from causing any preventable damage to the homes or structures that they surround.  Should you be looking to plant trees on your property, the environment thanks you, however doing your research and having the help of a professional tree specialist is a great idea.  They can help to ensure that you do not have any unneeded issues down the rode once the tree begins growing and requires adequate space to do so healthfully and without having an ill effect on yut homes foundation.

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